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Check back later this year for more information on when our first round of applications open

Grant criteria

The Heritage Bank Charitable Foundation aims to improve community wellbeing and life outcomes for people who need it most. The Foundation will distribute funds to selected eligible registered charitable organisations with an annual grants program. Grants will contribute funding to organisations whose initiatives help improve the livelihood of people, with a particular focus on disadvantaged and at-risk families, young people, and elderly people. Grants will go towards projects which address areas of education, culture, health, social, and financial wellbeing.

When they open, applications will be available to registered charitable organisations Australia-wide. However, extra weight will be given to causes which benefit a greater number of Heritage customers.Consideration will also be given to the applicants alignment with the principles of Heritage Bank and the Foundation, including being passionate about helping people.

We invite you to read through the Foundation’s specific grant criteria and Frequently Asked Questions below. Check back later in the year for more information on grant timing.

If you would like to speak to a Foundation Representative please visit our Contact page.

Specific criteria include:
  • The applicant must be a registered charitable organisation with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.
  • Geographic proximity to Heritage Bank customers
  • The project's alignment to Heritage Bank's goal to be passionate about helping people
  • Community input in the project and the benefits the project will create for the community
  • Reach and impact of the project
  • Project financial sustainability
  • Innovation in relation to the project itself or the innovation it brings to a community
  • Sophistication of plans and the ability to properly evaluate the degree of success for your project

You need to be a registered charitable organisation with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status seeking financial assistance for a project that builds and improves community wellbeing and life outcomes for people. We suggest you read the grant criteria to familiarise yourself with the type of projects that will be successful in receiving a grant.

When applications are open, you will be able to apply through our application form here on our website. 

You will be required to include details on your project including the cost of your project, what size grant you are seeking, how you will deliver your project, how the grant money will be spent, when the project will be delivered and how your project aligns with the Foundation’s purpose and other selection criteria.

Anyone representing an registered charitable organisation can apply. We recommend you have the support of your committee or board as they may be contacted during the application evaluation process.
Not in the same round of grants. We encourage charity groups to apply for numerous grants over time for different projects, but we will only award a maximum of one grant per organisation per round in order to share funding across multiple applicants each round.
No – but the Foundation Board will balance the individual requests received against the sustainability of the Foundation over the long term. The Foundation has been established to support communities into the future. The intention at this stage is to distribute grants between $5,000 and $50,000.

No, this is not a requirement. 

However if you'd like to switch your banking to Heritage Bank, we have friendly staff ready to help you through the process. Heritage Bank is a customer-owned bank driven by fulfilling its customers’ needs rather than distributing profits to shareholders. It has a passionate desire to be a positive member of the community, as is evident with its support of this Foundation. Go to the Heritage Bank website for more information on how its products and services could benefit you.

The Foundation’s Board will review applications and allocate grants based on which submissions align best with the Foundation’s purpose and grant criteria.
It depends on when you submit your application. When we put out the call for applications, we will inform you of the date applications close. We then expect applications to be evaluated within six weeks before we will contact successful applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a notification email about eight weeks after applications close.
A representative from the Foundation will be in contact with you if your application is successful. They will advise what happens from there. We will hold a presentation event and media opportunity where you will receive the grant funds. We may also request to conduct a media opportunity to showcase your project in action.
Absolutely, if your application is unsuccessful you can submit an application in subsequent rounds. Different rounds of grant funding may attract stronger applications than other rounds. You may also be provided with some feedback on why your application was unsuccessful, so have another look at your application and identify where you can make your submission stronger and better align with the Foundation’s purpose and grant criteria.
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